40 feels good

40 feels good

Today I am 40 years old.

I've had a wonderful day and I've been spoilt rotten by friends and family. I was clambered on early this morning by two excitable children eager to be the first to wish their mummy a happy birthday.

Later my husband took me out to lunch at the delectable Fitzbillies in Cambridge and I had eggs benedict for the first time ever - it was deeeeeelicious; how have I been missing out on this all these years?

The unseasonably warm weather made a mooch around Cambridge all the more glorious and I felt truly lucky. I know milestone birthdays can mean many things to people but for me I am simply grateful. Not everyone gets to turn 40 and I know that all too well through my work at the local hospice. Every second is precious but birthdays offer a time to reflect and offer thanks. So I'd like to take this time to thank you - my followers, cheerleaders and customers, sharers and general morale boosters - I really do appreciate it and couldn't do it without you.

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