Biggles FM - it was fantabulous fun

Biggles FM - it was fantabulous fun

I was a guest on my local radio station and I loved it. I really did. Biggles FM serves my home town of Sandy as well as Biggleswade, Potton and the surrounding villages and on 24th May I had the chance to go on air and chat to Clair Slade about my work. If you missed it, you can listen again here. (music edited out for copyright) I won't lie to you, I was nervous. I wasn't worried about what I was going to say or anything like that; I just wanted to come across as 'me'. Sounds simple enough but when nerves take over it can be quite debilitating especially in public or social situations. I know we're not talking about a prime time broadcast to the nation, but to me it was important not to let myself down. I had family and friends tuning in from all over the country and I've had such kind feedback from people already. Jo C dashed home to get online after the signal in her car disappeared, Jo L drove to work slowly so she could still receive the signal before entering Bedford airspace. My dulcet tones eased Annie B through her school work and the lovely Dan C tuned in just in time to hear the Stone Roses, and me talking about 'happy places'. And you can always count on your mum and dad to show interest can't you. Or can you? My radio debut had slipped their mind and they went out for the morning. I think quite simply they'd had enough of me at the weekend. Either that or they're getting old. It's ok, they love me dearly. ;) I am constantly ribbed by my family for saying "ok, right, so, right, ok, so...,". so I was keen to avoid that. So much so in fact, that if you listened to the broadcast you may have noticed that I replace them with 'erm' and 'absolutely'. Still now I know, I'll erm, add those to the growing list of words I overuse. The show's presenter Clair Slade was really kind to me. I clicked with her straight away - she's my kind of lady. Relaxed, charming, knowledgeable and yet humble enough to assume I am describing someone else. She's a volunteer at the station and she does a really good job. I did some radio production at college back in the cretaceous period when we genuinely used razor blades to splice tape together. Things have most definitely moved on and I was super impressed with the set up at Biggles FM. If you are local then please give them a like on Facebook or Twitter, they're a top bunch. In my excitement I forgot to take any pictures. Doh. I'll have to go back. Actually Clair has very generously said I am welcome back anytime and I will certainly be holding her to that. But first I need to find some more local unsung heroes to recreate in print...leave it with me. My Biggles FM playlist:

HEROES - David Bowie (for all the heroes who worked and flew from RAF Tempsford)

I AM THE RESURRECTION - The Stone Roses (reminder of my misspent youth)

CAN'T FEEL LOVE - Cale Tyson (I do love me a bit of Country Moosic)

DO YOU LOVE ME - The Contours (from my fav film EVER. Dirty Dancing)

SLIGHT RETURN - The Bluetones (reminds me of all my university friends)

RIDE A WHITE SWAN - T-Rex (for my Mum and Dad)

TWO FINGERS - Jake Bugg (I sing this loudly in the car when I've had enough)

DO I LOVE YOU? - Frank Wilson (played at my wedding)

LOCAL BOY IN A PHOTOGRAPH - Stereophonics (top tune, enough said)

ANNIVERSARY SONG - Eva Cassidy (I volunteer at Sue Ryder - St John's Hospice, Moggerhanger and this song is for the patients and their families there)

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