Stained glass effect illustration showing a sunsetting over a field. Text reads, this mother's day give the gift of colour. Full artwork is called Here Comes The Sun

Bring Home The Colour For Mother's Day

Do you need some last minute ideas for a Mother’s Day gift? If so - I’ve got you. Below is a selection of my art prints that I think 'cool and colourful' Mum’s will love. 

Three reasons to consider buying from me?

  • SHOW YOU'VE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION. Giving your mum a piece of art that celebrates the things she loves demonstrates that you really have been listening all these years.
  • BRING SOME COLOUR INTO YOUR MOTHERS HOME. Yes I know you already do that with your sparkling wit and personality, but what about when you’re not there. 
  • YOU CAN SHOW HER YOU SUPPORT INDEPENDENT ARTISTS. All artwork is created by me. From the initial sketch through to illustration, printing and posting, you know my fingerprints are all over it. Not visibly though.

My Top 7 Art Prints For Mother's Day

The Festival Mum

Glastonbury Festival Art Print

Maybe your mum was an original festival goer back in the 60's or maybe she still makes an annual pilgrimage to Worthy Farm. Either way this print will remind her of happy times when she was footloose and fancy free. By that, I mean before she had you.

Glastonbury festival art print in stained glass effect. Glastonbury Tor with sun setting behind. Tents and lights shimmer in the foreground.

The Absolute Queen

Queen Chess Art Print

She's the boss. The most powerful piece on the chessboard and can go in any direction she chooses.

Art print showing a chess piece of the queen on a black and white chessboard with the title Queen written in red.

The Home Maker

There's No Place Like Home Art Print

There really is no place like home. So if you still love visiting your mum for her roast dinners and sticky toffee puddings then this is the print that will let her know how much you appreciate her.

There's No Place Like Home art print featuring the iconic ruby slippers that Judy Garland wore in the film. The floor is the yellow brick road and the walls are emerald city green.

The 80's Child

Glo Friends Art Print

If your mum has ever mentioned her 1980's childhood toys Glo Friends to you, then buy her this print. No more looking around. This one. She'll love you for it.

Glo Friends artwork featuring Glo Book Bug. Also known as Glo Worms these 1980s toys brightened up bedrooms of children.

The Hooker

Home Sweet Home Crochet Art Print

By that I mean your mum loves to crochet. It also has that cosy hygge vibe going on without all the hard work of making an actual granny blanket. 

 Granny Square Crochet art print home sweet home

The Optimist

Here Comes The Sun Art Print

The mum who is always looking on the bright side. Or maybe she's just miserable but loves The Beatles. Either way this print will make her smile.

Here Comes The Sun stained glass art print

The Gardener

Cherry Blossom Art Print

Does your mum get giddy at the first sign of spring? If so pop this on her walls and she'll be joyous all year round.

Cherry Blossom art print pink flowers on a blue sky

Original Art

If you prefer something truly unique and 'one off' then you can take a look at my fine art section and see if anything catches your eye. Here is a picture of my gorgeous mum with a painting that I did for her. It hangs in her bedroom and is the first thing (after my dad) that she see's when she wakes up, she says the light hits it different every morning. It makes me very happy to know this.

Picture of a woman holding a landscape oil painting of a beach and skyscape by Georgina Westley

And finally

I am lucky enough to be a mum and all I want for Mother's Day are happy and healthy children. So despite my gift guide above there should never be any pressure to buy presents. The best things in life really are free. 


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