Cardington Sheds - Bedfordshire

Georgina Westley
I've wanted to do a poster of the Cardington sheds for ages. I started it months ago, but I struggled with the angles and then other deadlines got in the know the drill. But I've gone back, I've stuck with it and it's finally finished and I'm super pleased. I really love the sheds so this was a special one for me to work on - they are local to me so I shall be hanging this one on my wall. For those who aren't familiar with them a bit of background info: these imposing airship hangers nestled in the Bedfordshire countryside can be seen for miles around and are well respected and loved locally. Known as 'sheds' these enormous structures have had a varied and glamorous history since the beginning of their construction in 1915. Initially created to build rigid airships the site soon became a Royal Air Force station and it was during this era that the famous R101 was built. More recently shed 2 has been given a new lease of life as a film studio. Although it's not soundproof, the shed offers a versatile space which rivals any Hollywood studio for size. Films such as Batman, Pan, Inception and Harry Potter have all made use of these vast buildings. And yes I've driven past them hoping for a glimpse of Hugh Jackman but alas I don't think he got the memo that day. Shame. Available to buy unframed on Etsy. CardingtonFrame
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