Dartford Crossing - Kent & Essex

Georgina Westley
I guess the Dartford Crossing has a different meaning to people depending on which way they are heading. From the Monday morning blues driving to work, to that Friday feeling heading home. If it's the former though you may not want this print hanging on your wall. That said, the sight of a bridge in the distance always makes me feel hopeful. Especially when the sunlight reflects off it. It's as if an adventure is waiting for me. And I really like that feeling. Anyone that uses the crossing regularly knows it looks nothing like this. It's much more...grey. This is the Dartford Crossing with a touch of 1930's glamour. I thought you might like to see the photo I used to get some sort of scale. I gave my husband about 20 seconds notice to take the picture. One minute we were listening to the radio the next it was, "quick get your phone out, can you take a picture of the tunnel with the bridge in the background please". Being the expert mind reader that husbands are duty bound to be, he took the perfect shot. Well, he took around 25 shots and this was the one I liked best. As you can see I played around with the perspective as I wanted it to look a bit more imposing. You can see that I have also simplified it to within an inch of it's life. And as for the colours, well I had a great time playing around with the sunlit oranges against the turquoise sky. It really began to take on the retro feel that I was after once I'd drawn the shadow on the right hand wall. As in life, sometimes it's the smallest things that can make the biggest difference. Prints available on Etsy.
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