Dudley Castle - West Midlands

Dudley Castle - West Midlands

This was the view from my halls of residence. Not bad hey.

I may have added a little glamour and left out the cable cars and zoo sign, but for two years I was lucky enough to see Dudley Castle from my bedroom window. I went to the University of Wolverhampton but my course was mainly at the Dudley Campus - which sadly doesn't exist anymore.

I recently went back to Dudley for a 20 year reunion party and I had a fantastic time. It was surreal to see all these faces that were once so familiar and it was heartening to see how happy and healthy everyone was. There was a lot of joy in the room.

Dudley wasn't your typical student town - put simply we had to make our own fun. I think that contributed to the fact that the most treasured thing I left university with was the best bunch of life long friends anyone could ask for. I can't believe I hadn't thought to do a print of the castle before, seems so obvious now it's finished. I have such fond memories of Dudley and this print will definitely have pride of place in my home.

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