Flash Friday Giveaway

Flash Friday Giveaway

It's Friday, the end of another weird week. I hope your week was good, although I suspect it wasn't. But I do hope it was somewhere in the upper quadrants on the graph of doom.

So for a bit of distraction for myself and for you, I'm running a giveaway. It ends tonight, as I am a person of very little patience. Here's the deal.

Competition rules

  1. Take a look at my website and find a print you would like to win.
  2. Go find me on Instagram.
  3. Like the competition post.
  4. Comment on which print you would like to win AND an idea for a future print.
  5. Closes today (15th May 2020) at 7.30pm. The winner will be picked at random by my children and announced on Instagram at 8.30pm
  6. You can choose an A4, A3 or A2 print. Prints are unframed and will be sent out via Royal Mail next week.

Ideas for future prints

See what I've done there, I've got you to do the thinking for me. Seriously though, my whole business is built on drawing places and things that are dear to people. I started off drawing Emley Moor Mast as it was my sister-in-law's favourite landmark and the suggestions started rolling in from there. I couldn't be more grateful for the input from my customers and I look forward to seeing your suggestions. All ideas will be added to my never ending list of things to explore at a future time. My next place print is Birmingham and my next plane print is the SR-71 Blackbird but things are pretty busy at home at the moment so new work is taking a bit of a hit.

What sort of prints do I do?

Take a few minutes to look around my online shop. I've got over 80 prints to choose from including travel posters of cities and towns to prints of planes and sports and dance and theatre. It's quite a varied selection and I look forward to seeing what tickles your fancy.

Whatever you are up to today, stay safe. x

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