5 x Glastonbury A1 prints

5 x Glastonbury A1 prints

UPDATE: My original Glastonbury Festival print (above) was a one of my best selling prints in the early days. However, it caught the attention of the festival organisers and although they were very kind and encouraging about my work, it appeared that I was breaching their copyright. So for a while there was no Glastonbury Festival poster print...until now. I hope you like this new version. It's different, it's bursting with colour and still has that feeling of anticipation, freedom and community.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I will be watching Glastonbury this year (22 - 26 June) from the comfort of my sofa. I will have easy access to cold running water, mini magnums on tap and the highest number of people in front of me in the toilet queue will be 3. Still, the reality is that I'd love to be there, knee deep in...music. Maybe next year.

Anyhow to get you in the mood I've had 5 x Glastonbury posters printed at A1 size. Massive. They are available now for pre-order on my Etsy shop and should be ready to ship on 15 June 2016. It's first come first served so get in quick if it sounds like something you might like. That said, if demand is high I will get some more printed; but it makes sense to test the waters first.

Not everyone has space for something that large in their house but I have had them printed at A1 before and although I am biased, they really do look striking. Photographer Lisa Dickinson was the customer who first suggested Glastonbury as a print, she also asked for it to be printed at A1 and she kindly sent me this picture (below) when it was framed to show me how happy she was with it. I like happy customers. I've even got a whole map devoted to them ;)

So if you fancy pre-ordering yours then visit my Etsy shop and if they've sold out just drop me a note either through my website, Facebook or Twitter then I can gauge how many to get printed next time.

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