Glastonbury print goes A1

Georgina Westley

UPDATE: My original Glastonbury Festival print (above) was a one of my best selling prints in the early days. However, it caught the attention of the festival organisers and although they were very kind and encouraging about my work, it appeared that I was breaching their copyright. So for a while there was no Glastonbury Festival poster print...until now. I hope you like this new version. It's different, it's bursting with colour and still has that feeling of anticipation, freedom and community. Please check it out, I'd love to know what you think.

Glastonbury Festival Stained Glass Poster Print
New Glastonbury Festival Poster Print

I get a warm feeling when I hear from people who have bought or received my prints and it's lovely when they send me pictures of them. This is the Glastonbury print at A1. I usually only sell them as A4 or A3 as that's what my own printer can handle but I've been working with a local printer to see if I can offer my prints at a bigger size and Glastonbury was the guinea pig. I really was pleased with it and thankfully so was the customer Lisa. It was Lisa who suggested that I do Glastonbury and over the email exchanges I found out that she was a photographer. I really like her work. I especially like how she captures the women who feature in her 'intimate' section. It's a refreshing change. Beautiful. Keep up the good work Lisa.

As for me, I plan to start offering bigger sizes soon. There might be a longer lead time on them as I will have to build in printer time but they do look good printed at poster size even if I do say so myself.

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