I'm loving all these painting programmes

I'm loving all these painting programmes

Georgina Westley

I hope you've had a good week and that you've all been reunited with your wheelie bins. I'm still trying to work out what Taboo was all about. I really enjoyed it though. I would however, struggle to summarise the plot in an elevator pitch. Luckily for me I don't foresee this ever being an issue. I have a busy week ahead with graphic design projects and I have a few ideas brewing for some new prints too. I'm thinking of doing one showing all of London's bridges. I've been asked many times to do a print of London but it's been done so many times by other people so I've always said no. However, Ivan, one of my old work friends on Facebook suggested the bridges and I like that idea. I'm not sure how many there are officially. A quick bit of research shows there are...more than I thought. I guess this will be a big print with really small bridges. How far up the Thames would I go and it still feel like a London bridge? Chiswick maybe? I used to live in Chiswick. Anyway, I may have to mull that one over. I think it could work though. I could try to get it done before the Boat Race, that would be nice. Before that though I will be illustrating a viaduct and they take a bit of work. In my last post I mentioned that my artwork was soon to be printed on all manner of products. Well I am pleased to say that it is now officially available wholesale through a company called Star Editions. I'm looking forward to seeing what the products look like. I am unashamedly uncool so the first time I see my artwork in shops I will be taking a selfie and showing off.

I might even be able to stock some products myself. I think Glastonbury camping tin mugs could be quite popular around June time. Speaking of Glasto, I think the news that the Foo Fighters are playing the Pyramid Stage resulted in a little flurry of sales for my Glastonbury print these past few days. Thank you Mr Grohl.

The Cairngorms has also been popular in its first few weeks which is lovely and a few of the orders have actually come from The Highlands which is a really nice feeling.

I have been enjoying all the painting programmes on the telly at the moment. They've inspired me to dust off my easel. Portrait Artist of the Year on Sky Arts is on Tuesday nights and a few weeks ago featured the very talented local artist Oliver Winconeck. I love Oliver's work and he is a great chap too so it was lovely to see him on the show. The BBC's Big Painting Challenge is on...now (Sunday eve). In fact Pascal, complete with boiler suit is currently talking about flamingos so I must dash. This is right up my alley. Last weeks episode focused on landscapes and how to simplify. Paring things down is one of my favourite parts of my job. So I thought I would leave you with a few slices of simplified landscapes.

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