Knaresborough - North Yorkshire

Georgina Westley

Ever since I started creating these travel poster my brother has been saying I should do Knaresborough and I can see why, it's a beautiful place. I even sent him there on a recce to take photos for me, cheers Ben. I've not been there myself yet, but I have plans. In fact I'm pretty sure my brother promised to take me to the Marigold Cafe and treat me to ice cream. Although seeing as this print was his suggestion, the treat should really be on me. Anyhow, I started this over 6 months ago. No it didn't take that long - promise - but I really wanted to do justice to the place. As I've said before some of my prints work well when I simplify everything down and others need that detail. Knaresborough is one for those places that needs the detail...and detail takes time. So here it is at at last. I hope you like it.

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