New website

New website

We started building my new website back in the summer. I say 'we', it has been mostly my husband Andy's hard work but I like to think I have my uses. I tag stuff, write stuff, name stuff. I ask for things to be moved up/made smaller/made bigger/left a bit. Every now and then I would ask about Wordpress Plug In's just to assert my authority.

We made a solid start on this new site one sunny weekend in August while the kids were away (you can tell we've been married a while). However after that initial burst of activity, the project quickly fell down the priority list; somewhere below 'Kondo the whole house' but above 'mop the kitchen floor'. Still it's finished now, we're not divorced and no animals we're harmed. I guess it's time to get that mop out. Boo.

Online shop

The reason for rebuilding my site was to offer an online shop to my customers. People can still find my work and buy through Etsy, but they can also buy direct from this site now. There is no difference in price or how your order will be fulfilled. It will still be me standing over the kitchen table, printing, signing, wrapping and trotting up to the post office. You can visit the shop page here.

Latest work

Because we've been building my new site I've not blogged about my latest work for a while so below is a a bunch of things I've been doing. I'm still finishing Filey and Craster. Whilst the winter has been mild, the Westley household has been full of colds so producing new work has taken a back seat to fulfilling orders and topping up on Night Nurse. Things are looking up though, spring is nearly upon us and this recent wave of warm weather has certainly lifted the spirits.

I'm on the honey

Back in the summer I was contacted by Julie Parker the Education Office from the North London Beekeepers asking about using my artwork on some honey labels. "All proceeds from sales go back to our association funds and help us promote bees, beekeeping and the importance of them as pollinators. We donate a % of sales to Bees for Development which teaches people to become beekeepers in Africa in places like Sudan. In particular this has helped many women to lift their families out of poverty and pay for their children’s education."

Of course I did, sounds great. Once I'd got the spec I just made a little room for the product information and added a little bee in for good measure. My daughter sat next to me while I was doing it and came up with her own version which I loved. They kindly sent me some jars of honey as a thank you - delicious. Good luck with the project North London Beekeepers.

Proud to have my artwork used on honey labels.

The honey labels have been printed and look fantastic. Thank you.

We are extracting the honey next week and it will be bottled shortly after that. We would love you to have a few jars.

Julie Parker
North London Beekeepers

Travel posters

Below are some travel posters I have done since I last blogged. You can read a bit more about how I did the Pittenweem one for my dad on the How I Work page if you are interested.

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