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Georgina Westley Art Design

Kellerman's Travel Art Print

Kellerman's Travel Art Print

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Hey Baby, this is a piece of art you won't want to put in the corner! Escape to Kellerman's Mountain House in the Catskills and feast your Hungry Eyes on this print it really is Some Kind Of Beautiful. I've Had The Time Of My Life designing this, I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to think about doing a travel print for Kellerman's, but now I have it's here to Stay. That's enough Dirty Dancing puns from me, I don't want to Overload you.

I really did enjoy designing this Dirty Dancing print. I applied my usual bold and graphic style and I used a film still for the colour scheme (I'm calling the colour-way 'watermelon' obviously!) The still was from the final scene where the lights really made Baby's dress look pink and the darks are from Johnny's trousers. I spent hours finding the colours in those :)

Finally, for all you Dirty Dancing fans out there, I will leave you with the words of the legendary Max Kellerman:

"Join hands and hearts and voicesVoices, hearts and handsAt Kellerman's the friendships last longAs the mountains stand"

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