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Georgina Westley Art Design

Planes Art Print - The Collection

Planes Art Print - The Collection

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Twenty of the most iconic planes brought to life in glorious technicolour. Using shadow and highlight I've tried to show off the best bits of each aircraft. This was quite the labour of love and took a while to get everything looking as sharp as I wanted, simple doesn't mean quick as you know. I hope any aviation fans out there enjoy the effort and detail that has gone into this artwork and if you do decide to purchase, then may it fill your home with colour. Planes featured: L - R: Spitfire • B2 Spirit • Red Arrows • English Electric Lightning • Concorde • Lancaster • Wright Flyer • Sopwith Camel • Harrier • Lysander • Vulcan • Catalina • Hercules • Mosquito • SR-71 Blackbird • F15 • Globemaster • F22 • Eurofighter • 747

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