Gift guide

If you are stuck for ideas or have a tricky relative to buy for then fear not. I've put together a handy gift guide for you. Find inspiration from your own home (bed) and enjoy browsing these specially curated products that I've put together for you. 


For those who love travel

Transport your loved ones to their favourite destinations with my evokative travel posters. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, these posters capture the beauty and essence of each place, allowing your loved ones to reminisce about their travels or dream about future adventures.

For those who could use a calendar

Who wouldn't want beautifully illustrated artwork of Great Britain on their walls throughout 2024. A useful, practical and decorative gift to raise a smile all year round.

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For music and theatre lovers

Whether you are showing your soulful side, keeping the faith or expressing your inner luvvy, these prints will raise a smile.

For aviation enthusiasts

Love your aircraft or know someone who does? Then check out my full collection of aviation prints.

For the runners

Already in training yourself? Or know someone who has signed up to race. Maybe great aunt Ethel ran the London Marathon many moons ago - it's never too late to celebrate.


    "I have bought two copies of two of Georgina’s prints and love them! The colours are really vibrant and the designs are great. Delivery has been super-speedy both times. Can’t fault it!"



    "Beautiful print, quick delivery. Thank you for bringing so many memories back for my grandad who suffers from Dementia. He enjoys looking at the print and recalls lots of lovely stories about his favourite place. Thank you so, so much."



    "Clean & crisp quality print. Lovely bright colours! Well packaged. Really pleased, thank you!"


For those who love stained glass

Love stained glass but don't have church sized windows in your house? Then you can have all the colour without the cleaning.

For those who are unique

And also love Glo Friends and books and drawing and Fleetwood Mac puns. Niche I know, and I really designed this for myself but you never know someone out there might like it too. If so we should definitely hang.

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For the oddbods

Know someone who likes bright, bold and quirky artwork? No? Then maybe you are the oddbod. I know I am.

For those who like original fine art

Feel like treating someone to something very special this year? Then take a look at my original fine art and see if anything captures your heart.

For the Londoners

Whether you work there, live there or moved away and miss the hustle and bustle of the capital city - I've got prints to remind you of London.

For the train spotters

Don't be shy we've all got one in the family. Mine is my dad.

And finally the best seller of 2023

This Yorkshire Travel Art Print became my best seller this year. Will the trend continue into 2024?


I am eternally grateful for all the support you show me. If you've bought from me in the past, considering purchasing in the future or simply got to the end of this gift guide, then I thank you.